Help With Changing Or Enforcing A Court Order

Life changes, and families change. Sometimes court orders also need to change in response.

At Robbins Law Firm in Tupelo, Mississippi, we are here to assist you with modifying existing court orders. Our lawyer has helped numerous clients to modify — or combat proposed modifications — to custody and support orders. He can also help you to enforce a current order.

Custody Modifications Must Be In The Child's Best Interest

To modify child custody or visitation orders, you must prove that circumstances have significantly changed, and that keeping the child in the existing situation is not in his or her best interests.

For instance, the father may have been sent to prison, or the mother may have developed a substance-abuse problem. Sometimes, one parent needs to move out of state to gain employment. Let attorney John Robbins review your particular situation and advise you accordingly.

Support Modifications Require A Change In Financial Circumstances

If you are the noncustodial parent, you may need to have child support payments reduced if you lose your job or are forced to accept a lower-paying job. If you are the custodial parent, you may want to ask the court to increase child support payments if the other parent gains a higher paying job or the child's financial needs increase.

If The Other Party Isn't Abiding By Court Orders, You Have Options

Our law firm can potentially bring a contempt of court action against the other parent if he or she is:

  • Failing to pay child support
  • Withholding scheduled visitation with your child
  • Failing to help pay medical expenses for the child
  • Withholding important information about your child
  • Attempting to alienate your child from you

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