Protecting Your Parental Rights In Custody Cases

Does anything matter more than your relationships with your children? At Robbins Law Firm, we don't think so. We understand how much your children mean to you, and we are here to uphold your parental rights. From our office in Tupelo, our lawyer represents men and women throughout Northeast Mississippi in cases involving child custody, visitation, paternity and related issues.

Providing A Sense Of Security To Unmarried Parents

While many custody disputes arise during the divorce process, we also assist numerous mothers and fathers who were never married to the other parent. In these situations, having a legal custody order and visitation schedule in place can provide important security.

If your child is living with you, having a court order in place can give you the peace of mind you need to let him or her spend time with the other parent. You won't have to worry as much about whether the other parent will bring the child back or not. If your child doesn't live with you, you deserve the certainty of knowing that you will get to spend time with your son or daughter without having the other parent interfere.

Did you know? If you are a father who was never married to the child's mother, you don't have any legal right to your child until you go to court. Let our experienced attorney help you establish paternity. Then, you can begin exercising your parental rights.

Helping Grandparents Seek Visitation Or Custody

In Mississippi, grandparents do have the right to request visitation time if they have established relationships with that grandchild. Seeking custody of a grandchild is more challenging. To succeed in court, you must be able to show that the parent is abusive, neglectful, in prison or otherwise unfit to care for the child. Attorney John Robbins can look at your particular situation and advise you accordingly.

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